When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, September 3, 2018

Rain can do this you know...

The old bridge over the Haw River ...but not the oldest!

 It's a walking bridge, which gets decorated for Halloween and is  also a favorite graffiti canvas.

The river was severely high, where there are usually rocks and a little white water, it was compete brown water...

Pretty nice graffiti.

This is part of an older bridge....

It was still a few feet above the water level

A few days later, we met this gentleman who works at the Chatham County Court house giving tours.  He shared his painting of the original covered bridge over the Haw River...as shown here and as remains in my photo above.  His painting also shows the normal water level of the river.

 The way the Haw River looks most summer days, as it flows under the newer 15/501 highway bridge.

The 15/501 bridge is upriver of this tree which may be carried off if the water level continues to rise.  But it didn't...not that rain anyway.

The Glencoe-Mill Dam on the Haw River...photo from the web site The Haw River Conservation.  This is not the way it looked with flooding in August 2018...but I didn't get a photo of it, sorry.  Just a solid wall of brown water flowing, and no rocks were showing.

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