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When I Was 69
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lunch in Chapel Hill

I was thrilled to visit Chapel Hill NC for lunch...one of my favorite places to stop when visiting my friend nearby.  She is an alumnus of that University, so knows a lot about the town.  I would get completely lost without her.

 Pretty little shops line the roadway.

 There must be a zoning ordinance that the buildings must look somewhat colonial

 Though classes weren't in session, the pedestrian and bicyclists are of high importance.
 And a hand greeting mural by a parking lot was a bit modern.

We were aiming for the Mediterranean deli... where I was looking forward to a couple of taste treats.
 It wasn't that crowded, but always seems noisy. 

 My falafel sandwich was wonderful!

It was a bit too muggy Aug. 22 to eat outside.  I was dismayed to see the nearby bookstore had closed, where there had been an ever present book store cat.  I wonder where the cat went.

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  1. Looks like you had a nice visit. What a pretty town! I like that handprint mural.


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