When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Altapass and apples

 This apple orchard is privately owned (by a trust) right on the Blue Ridge Parkway

 There was a mob of people, as evidenced by the cars.

 Lots of the people were sitting waiting for a concert to begin.

We, however, had come shopping for apples.  Nope. Nada.  None to be had.  It seems they had a late frost last spring, so no harvest at all this year.  They did provide some other orchard's apples for sale by the peck, but we decided to not do that.

I got some of their apple butter, a bit pricey, but always so delicious on toast.
And then we had some of their lovely apple pie, (a half slice for me) and sat outside looking at the view.  We even heard a train down in the valley, going maybe to Spruce Pine, where there are mines.

 Then the music started, and we looked in at the dancers, many of them wearing clogging shoes.  I would imagine there would be quite a show later...but I knew I had to pace myself to get home before I was exhausted.  Neither of my friends said they could drive my stick shift car.  Now they tell me!

I am a wet blanket but at least I was home by the time I gave out...and pretty darn tired.  Actually we stopped 2 more places before going home.

 My dear friend somehow doesn't like her picture taken! (Removed for posting on Facebook.)

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  1. How fun! The views are beautiful. I love apple butter and now I may have to go find some to buy!


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