When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, September 30, 2018

More BIG Rocks!!!

 One of the Blue Ridge Parkway maps tells us where we are...it skews north over towards the left upper corner of the long parkway, showing where US 221 intersects with the Parkway.
It's also the place where you go to Spruce-Pine from Marion...or you go to Little Switzerland the other way.
The Museum of North Carolina Minerals

We stopped to stretch our legs, and for me to gather more pictures of rocks...

 A gathering of rocks.  I wonder what that should be called as far as "grouping" names.  Murder of Crows, parliament of Owls...maybe a Troll of Rocks?

 I used to take this mineral as a vitimin supplement.

I had to joke about amphibolite, saying it was named by a zoologist who got together with a geologist...amphibians, get it? Groan.

 The familiar stone arch is how the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses over US 221 as it goes left towards Spruce-Pine.

My friends were happy that we were getting on the road again, and one of them knew how to show us how to get to Catawba Falls from Old Fort...so we drove down that road but didn't hike to the falls.  That's for another trek!

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