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When I Was 69
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Saturday, June 29, 2019

The contour map

 The amorphous white area (flat) toward the right side of this contour map represents Black Mountain. The red line is US I-40, and the Yellow line is US 70 (which used to be the main highway through these mountains before the interstates. And if you think they are complete, just go to Asheville where you can drive on "Future I-26" which hasn't been finished because the interchange connecting it to I-40 is still not built.
 Closeup of Black Mountain map with blue representing the Swannanoa River (the root of the valley of that name.) You can see Lake Tomahawk, which I frequently blog about. I have no idea what Curteya Chapel is (maybe a development that I've never visited.)
 Allen Mountain is next to the Black Mountain Golf course, and to it's left runs the North Fork River (into the Swannanoa of course.) It drains from Burnett Reservoir (back behind Wallace Mountain, which I've never seen.) No traffic is allowed to the Reservoir, but there is some housing up in that area. There used to be a community up Wallace Mountain, and the road that meanders up that way is called Walker Cove Rd. The community of Walker Cove is now under water.

 The Seven Sisters mountains are seen easily from Black Mountain and Lake Tomahawk. The tiny town of Montreat is nestled in their lower sides (the pin on the right side of the mountains.) Burnett Reservoir is on the left side of those mountains.  Sveral businesses in Black Mountain use the name Seven Sisters.
Using the reservoir as a connecting link, we can look further to the left (north west actually) and see the Craggy Mountains.The blue line along the ridges represents the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I love showing this map to visitors, who want to know where we are, as well as where they've been in the area. This is right inside the door of the Swannanoa Valley Museum in Black Mountain.


  1. Hello,

    I have seen these maps in various places, they are neat.

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. It looks like a good area to visit.

  3. That is a creative way of showing things.


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