When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Bear visitors

Not my own picture!
They are in the woods, we who live in the mountains know this, and are prepared if we're hiking, hopefully.

Now is their season of visiting the towns, helping themselves to garbage bags.  One has been seen dragging a whole bag along with him.

At my house I had the bedroom windows open the other night, and could smell him.  They eat garbage, so you know what they must smell like.  I looked out and didn't see him, but there are corners and bushes aplenty to hide behind.  That was the night neighbors on the other side of Hwy. 9 put out their garbage to be picked up before 8 sometimes...by garbage trucks.  Sometimes by bears.

The next night,  my garbage was out and when I woke at 8, it had been tumped over and Mr. Bear had found the foil in which I cooked my fish.  All the kitty food cans were washed before putting them out. He didn't care for the banana peels I guess. I used another garbage bag and picked up the strewn garbage, waiting for the truck to back up my steep road and take it away.  At the top of our hill there's a big estate with lots of woods, and then cross a few residential streets (not travelled much at night) and you are home free to woods all the way to Mt. Mitchell.

Now my problem this week is the chicken carcass.


  1. Mercy - it looks like you were awfully close to that bear! Great shot!!

    1. Oh dear, I forgot to say that wasn't my own picture. Bad.


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