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When I Was 69
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Steps toward change

This green expanse is planned to become a park, right in the center of Black Mountain.  To raise funds for this park, there are concerts being given on Sat. afternoons.  But unfortuantly I've had other things planned on the days the concerts were held.  I think I've got one more chance.

In the mean time, the pretty blue port-o-potty is being replaced by a real bathroom building. 

Having the windows open today for nice cool breezes means I hear birds doing all they can think of to do.  And the swish of traffic on Montreat Rd (just one house down the hill from me).  And I just heard a slight noise that nobody wants to hear, that of one metal object bumping into another.  No braking sounds, and it was a while before the next car came by to slow down and see whatever one car did to another.  That took all of 2 minutes, and now there's no sound of anyone slowing down.  Since there's a big ditch on my side of the road, whoever may have pulled over must have gone either into a driveway or another road.  But at least I don't hear any sirens, yet.  And I just heard an engine start up, so perhaps insurance information has been shared and the parties are satisfied.  Or maybe it was just one bumper to another without any damage.  That would be nice.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Oh - don't you hate that sound when two things collide? Hopefully all is well with the parties involved!


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