When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

They haven't got the right sign up yet.

You know, the one that says Barbara Rogers slept here...

But this is the turn-off, really a driveway, which apparently the people who live there believe is a road.  As in many turn-offs and driveways, it's steep.

I used to live in a one bedroom basement apartment on this corner.

There was one wall of the living/dining area completely glassed, thus giving a private view of the patio and mountains and making it a sweet place to live.  (I sneaked these pictures on a sunny day, but since there were cars in the driveway, I knew the people were at home, so I was in and out fast.)

I believe the people upstairs probably had a bit more fun looking out, as well as using a great fireplace.  I had roughly 2/3 of the basement area, as well as a storage area adjacent to the garage that held one car.  I stayed there a bit over a year, and upstairs at least 2 tenants' families.

There were strange set-ups, like my having a full laundry in my kitchen area, and the upstairs people having a stacked washer/drier downstairs tucked into a closet on my level.  I also had a zillion cabinets and counters, because the space had been designed for a workshop at one point.   The main difficulty I had was sleeping next to the furnace/air conditioner (in my closet) which was managed by an upstairs thermostat.

 I gave up control of my life only so far when I retired.  Fortunately one of the upstairs families preferred not to use the air conditioner/furnace much, and I had a small window unit to combat the dampness in a basement...as well as a portable heater.


  1. Back in the day, I lived in a few apartments as well. It made me really appreciate it when I finally got my first home.

  2. Sounds like rather close quarters. Thanks goodness you had a view of sorts.


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