When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumnal Equinox

No I'm not dancing neked (as my neighbors here in the south of US would pronounce it) around any bonfires to celebrate a Pagan ritual.
I might once have though!

But for this equinox, I'm taking myself out to enjoy the balance between 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night...and it's not just in the northern hemisphere this solar/gaia event...all over the world, perfect balance. 

And yesterday I received a good quote to share for today.
If planetary peace seems beyond our reach, recall: Miracles are natural when we rely on the Source of All to carry our burdens with us. Then, even peace is possible.
Nan Merrill with Barbara Taylor, Peace Planet: Light for Our World

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