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When I Was 69
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Monday, September 17, 2018

A brush with a storm

Black Mountain didn't get a severe blast, as Hurricane Florence just seemed to die down to a drizzle, though she did give us 5-3/4 inches (officially.)  Winds never were extreme where I live...though lots of tree limbs did fall.  One friend had a limb land on her house but she wasn't hurt.

Nothing like what happened (and is still happening) with floods in the Piedmont and the coastal counties of North Carolina.

The Town Square clock shows when the rains began Sat. morning.  I stopped by the Tailgate market and about 2/3 of the vendors were there.

Turnoff to my Apartments from Old US 70.

Looking uphill in parking lot...my building is on the left behind building D which you can see.  I'm tucked in behind some old maple trees behind those white cars to the left.  The 2 story building on the right is the office downstairs and a couple of apartments upstairs.

Looking out at my front porch with all the plants removed, I can see my little car right by the sidewalk.

Monday morning there were a few minutes of sunshine, and the fog lifted enough to see a plume drying up across the valley, and even the ridge tops.

I had to go check Flat Creek at Ole Guacamole's...it's high, but still below the terrace and the little footbridge.  They had many customers today!  If there's more rain today the water may go over it, we have flash flood warnings still.

But Flat Creek did have some moments a lot higher, because the mobile home park was evacuated Saturday.

There were a lot of power outages as well.  So Sunday was full of different levels of inconvenience.

Bue Ridge Road had a crew working on the lines near the Swannanoa River bridge...you can see a bit of the water in lower right hand corner.  My apartment is up the hill behind the Citgo station.  Traffic lights are at US 70.

Someone thought to drain Lake Tomahawk (which they didn't do in the May storms).

But just the rain of one day had it filled back up again.

The clay studio had a bit water over most of the floor, which was being wet-vac-ed and broomed off.  I just left.  Put water and clay on the concrete and it's a great sliding solution for any kind of shoes!

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