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When I Was 69
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Thursday, February 28, 2019

First spring, in February 2019

We all know this isn't real spring.  Even with crazy climate changes, there's more freezing weather to come.  It has always happened. (But there's a bit of hope that it won't...ha ha ha.)

I wish sometimes that I'd visited here at Blue Ridge Apartments before the new owners, and the renovations.  If they hadn't torn everything apart to put in new things, I wouldn't have had a chance to move here unless an older tenant was so frustrated she moved elsewhere. I really love having new carpet, new appliances, new kitchen and bathroom cabinets!

But outside is a bit different.  Put new siding on old buildings and you know what can happen.  There's a lot of siding now that has green growing on it where the sun doesn't shine.

In the past the grounds may have had more flowers (almost certainly) as a result of many gardener type grands living here.  The remains are a few bulbs which come up every spring.  Some no longer come up though, because the grounds crew has spread mulch on all the beds to deter anything from growing there (a.k.a. Roundup.)

There used to be a bed of beautiful lilies of the valley.  But they don't come up any more.

Out in lawn areas, which are swept with huge machines weekly during the growing season, a few bulbs still live.  Or next to a tree, where the new mowers can't cut them back.

A rocky area with tree roots everywhere is host to many little crocuses.

Rabbit rabbit...happy first of March everyone!


  1. Quite pretty. None of that here, for weeks to come.

  2. You seem to be in a similar state to us as far as the flowers are concerned. It's turned cloudy and showery for the next few days but still reasonably mild.

  3. Hello,
    Love all your beautiful flowers. They should put do not mow signs around the flower bed areas. It is too early for flowers here, I am not seeing any signs.
    Wishing you a Happy March! Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  4. We’re a long way from seeing spring plants, but it’s nice to see yours.

  5. LOL, first time I've heard "Rabbit rabbit" in a while!

    Vinyl siding gets green film and has to be cleaned. Not a fan of it.

  6. Hurrah for those tenacious little crocuses! It gives one hope.


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