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Sunday, February 24, 2019

The joy of sunshine

When did the clouds and rain start last week?  When was the last time the sun woke me up in the morning?  I don't remember. But when I got home from church I opened windows on both sides of the apartment for 60+ degree winds to blow through...to let my own and my furnishings clear the cobwebs.  I know it's not time for spring cleaning quite yet.

Also before getting home, I followed the request of one of my readers to go look at some of the sights that I'd captured during the rainy times, and show you what they look like in sunshine. Remember that it takes a while for yesterday's rains to flow out of the ground though, so I stayed on dry land.

Many places feel the results of days of rain after the sun comes out and the flooding is still around.  Here's a facebook shared photo from Sevier County TN from yesterday.

I'm pretty sure that's the Little Pigeon on a rampage.

Historic New Salem Baptist Church in Sevierville, TN.

OK, I don't mean to lead you to believe this is happening in Black Mountain, NC.  It isn't.  And perhaps the flooding in Sevier County has dimished by today.

Here're my Montreat photos from around noon today!

Lake Susan is glimmering in sunshine. You can see the roof of Ten Thousand Villages, but just barely the house further up the slope. Compared to the cloudy day last Sunday HERE.

There goes the water downstream, having taken many of the leaves from the Rhododendrons.
And here's a view as it tumbles down the mountain today...
Here's last week's same view.


  1. Water levels can be so dramatic this time of year, and your first shots prove it.

  2. So many places are having unusual weather. I'm afraid it's the new normal now that so much glacial ice has melted.


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