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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fences

On my lake walk earlier this week, I spotted a couple of fences, after already seeing the lovely flowers.

And those lovely greens reflected in the water with the blue sky, hey, I'm giong to send this to Weekend Reflections.  Go over there to see some lovely shots from all over the world!

So I'm trying to add this post to the meme of the same name (if my screen ever stops jumping around, blogger and I are having issues this morning!)


  1. Those flowers look so nice ! I really enjoy the spring touch colors of your pictures...

  2. Nice the sky refections in the water

  3. I like those little fences..reminds me of my husband's grammy always putting little fences here and there.

  4. Beautiful flower photos and love the reflection in the first one ~ ^_^


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