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Friday, May 3, 2013

Mud Buddies - more about them

(I don't do many commercials on this site, but here's where my energies are this week)

Look for the red tent with the Mud Buddies Pottery sign which will be up on Saturday, May 4, 9-noon...The Black Mountain Tailgate market is held behind the Baptist Church on Montreat Rd.

Lots of great new pottery and we hope you'll be thinking of gifts for friends and relatives, and of course yourself!  These potters all have been in classes at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts, and have progressed in their abilities to show their own individual styles.

2010 picture of Mud Buddies Pottery booth at Tailgate Market


  1. Barbara -- we all have parts of our life that are remembered well. One of mine is an antiques business I had for 30+ years. This business was in addition to working a regular job and raising four kids. It all worked and I spent some days like you show in your post -- working my wares at an outdoor market. Met the most wonderful people doing this. I bet you have the same experiences -- enjoying the folks you meet! -- barbara

    1. Yes, the exchange of ideas and goods is a fabulous part of a Tailgate experience. I'm hoping mainly that we don't get rain too much tomorrow morning. It's due to be intermittent until evening when bigger storms arrive. Hope people still come out to shop. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Replies
    1. It usually is fun. There are 5 of us who share in the co-op, having 2 persons on the booth each Sat. during the summer. Sometimes the weather kind of is tough though.


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