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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

17 Top Small Cities in NC

Black Mountain is one of the Top 17 Small Cities in North Carolina.

It's listed as Number 12.  It is very misrepresented in this Cities Journal article.
First the only picture shows the Biltmore Mansion, which is in Asheville.
Then they talk about the Black Mountain College, which may have been a great influence in education, but it closed in the 50's...and has only one building left standing by Lake Eden.  They also say the Black Mountain College Museum is here, but it's also in Asheville.  Lake Eden is a site for camps and a music festival twice a year, Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) which they did get right!
But Black Mountain has so much you may have seen here on my blog, or just drop by our Welcome Center.
Cherry Street Courtyard

I have a feeling the writer had never been to Black Mountain.  His/her loss.

Lake Tomahawk in springtime
But congrats to Black Mountain, and several other nearby towns, that are on the list at least!


  1. I believe you are right -- the reporter has never been there with her off base descriptions. From your pics that you show I knew it was a top notch place to live. I wonder if being reported as a top place to live -- will your town experience extraordinary growth? -- barbara

    1. You're absolutely right, it should be kept a secret so it stays small!

  2. It's great that at least it made a place of honor on the list!

    1. And that's wonderful...reminds me of the blessings that are unexpected in life!

  3. We made the list, too. I was surprised that I was not familiar with a few of the towns on the list.

    1. It's interesting how many towns around this area are listed, and I have yet to visit at least one of them...then I can start on the others that are further away!


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