When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, March 31, 2019

A short race

On your mark...

 The train tracks are parallel to this road (Sutton) until the road makes a sharp turn about 100 yards ahead of this SUV.

So the train continued straight on its way, while the car went to the right to the stoplight on the hill that has been called "where your car rolls back at the light." Those are people who haven't got a good handle on a clutch, though most of them don't even have a clutch, as almost everyone drives automatics these days.

Anyway, that's the depot over in the shade on the far left.  The train (as usual) is coming with 2 engines in front, and one behind. It has already gone over the pass through the mountains to the east from Old Fort, and is heading downhill to Asheville.  I've heard there are 13 tunnels on the track through the pass...many switchbacks, which is probabaly why they have the engine in the rear.

Who one the race? The plane up above, of course!

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  1. That sharp turn crossing would remind me of a spot here that does the same with regard to a train track.


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