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When I Was 69
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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Follow-up goose

Walked around the lake again Friday...sunshine and 60s weather makes for good exercise for me...and the pollen isn't bad yet!

So as I crossed the dam on the path, there was Mr. Canada Goose again...but down near the water.

And as I have so many buttons to push before my phone camera takes a shot, he actually got into the water before I could take his picture.  It only would have been better if he looked a bit more energized.

Possibly injured goose on dam on Thurs. Mar 28.

 It's mating season, and Canada Geese mate for life, so it's sad to see one by himself...but perhaps he isn't mature enough for mating.  It's possible.


  1. Hello, I hope the goose has a mate. Maybe one sitting off somewhere on a nest?
    Enjoy your day and weekend.


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