When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Where did this weather come from?

Some sunshine. Alright!
But temperatures over 70 degrees F?
Ah.  I had to walk around my favorite lake.  And about halfway there, I took off the outer shirt and did the other half in short sleeves.  I know people have been saying, it's only 11 days until the first day of spring.
 The geese and ducks were around!

 The surface of Lake Tomahawk shows that pollen is aso out there!

One sweet little heron has his neck tucked in on the far left, but the other birds are all Canada Geese.  They may nest on this island, but unfortunately raccoons will be attracted to the eggs and chicks.


  1. Hello, pretty views of the lake and birds. Yay for the warm weather and sunshine. Happy Monday, have a great day and new week ahead!

  2. Warmer there than it is here. We're still having snow falling today. Excellent shots!

  3. Beautiful! It was so warm here today I had to turn on the a/c.


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