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When I Was 69
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Still snowing in Back Mountain

I gave some glimpses of the beginning of this event on my other blog HERE.

My view out living room windows at 7 am Dec. 9, 2018.

 Same view at 7:34 am.
 And looking the other direction from living room...the steps are completely invisible except for the railing.

 From my bedroom, showing neighbor's balcony.

The bathroom window is iced and gives a glimpse of snow amounts.

When I posted on the other blog at 7 am, there was report of 8000 energy outages.  At 8:41 as I write this, the report in just Buncombe County is 18,000 without power.

Interestingly that may be the reason we are not seeing the weather channel at all at this time. (It was on until around 7:30 because I was channel surfing.) Or perhaps the local news and weather people meant more to those providing our cable services, than a national network which just arrived in our area to report on the storm.  I do wonder these days with how our news is controlled by mega-corporations.
Main intersection in Black Mountain, Dec 9, 2018 around 8 am, photo by Black Mountain News.

There's a ticking noise now as the snow falls, which means sleet is mixed in.  Yikes, that's going to give more ice on those trees, which usually break and cause power outages.  OK, I'm going to go meditate and not worry about all this for a while!


  1. Hello,I love the first shot at night. I hope your power stays on! Looks like you did get a lot of snow, all staying south of us. Stay warm and safe! Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead.

  2. That's a good deal of snow for your part of the continent.


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