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When I Was 69
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Goslings of Canada Geese

The first pair of parents were swimming fast away from me, as I walked by Lake Tomahawk the other day (Mon. May 13)

 But they took the 3 goslings up into the grassy area.

Lots of yummy bugs or new grass for these tiny new creatures. I was watched carefully by one of the parents.

 And a few feet away, another couple were feeding with their one gosling.

 Then there was another family...all gobbling up something that was delectable to them!

I hope these little ones manage to grow big and strong, to fly and swim as their instincts teach them.


  1. It seems that these Canadians have settled in the Carolinas. I presume that they don't feel the need to migrate south come autumn.

  2. Yes, we have many temporary residents here, and I love hearing the honks and creaking wings when a flock take flight in the autumn. Some seem to stay around, but most are just "passing through." These are nice to have around, as long as the dog-walkers aren't disturbing their peace. Though many lake visitors prefer the dogs, who at least have owners to pick up their leavings in little plastic bags...because goose poop is left everywhere1

  3. Hello, the goslings are so cute. I hope they all survive. Wishing you a happy day!

  4. So cute! Geese are great parents.


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