When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mountain laurel closer to home

This bush is mostly green, with these star-like clusters of white flowers.

But when I look into the heart of the blossoms, there's that wonderful little face of a mountain laurel.

We also have some sweet Peonies.

They have a while to bloom.


  1. I began seeing comments from you recently and was a bit bewildered. Then, you mentioned a history with Hartford and Florida and ending up halfway back. When I checked your profile, I discovered that you have, not one, and not two, and not three, but four blogs and that you post to EACH of them most days. I am exhausted just thinking about the effort that takes. I admire your diligence, but I sure won't try to emulate that. Congratulations, Barbara, and thanks for finding my blog.

  2. Thanks, Jack, for stopping by and checking all my blogs. It's just my way of (attempting) organizing things, using geography, art, opinions and ancestry to go in 4 directions. I haven't always done it, so many older posts are more mishmash. I'm enjoying your posts (all on one site!) I hope that more bloggers will start sharing their lives since it's so easy.


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