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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cheshire Health & Fitness

Just across the street from the Cheshire Village Center, going south on Hwy 9, is the Fitness Club and the professional building (Lakey Creek Health Center)

The Lakey Health Center houses Parkway Medical doctors, and "A Better View" eye care

The "gym" as you drive up the hill
Entrance to Cheshire Fitness Club
You can obtain a guest pass to try out some of the offerings.  (I have been to several free presentations in the classroom, and am not a member at this time.)

Lakey Creek does flow along between Hwy 9 and the health center building.
I'm adding this post to the meme Friday Fences.  Chose one!


  1. Living in Black Mt. now is way lots different from when we would visit 70 years ago. This looks like a nice complex. genie

  2. i like the stone wall / retainer. very nice!

  3. A very stylish complex! Looks very well maintained.

  4. what a pretty place & i really like the stonework

  5. nice bit of nature still left and i like that they built it so it all kind of blends with its surroundings!

  6. Love the last shot of the creek. Very pretty country.

  7. Love that last one...nice perspective

  8. What a nice place. I'll bet it costs a pretty penny to belong.


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