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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The remains of winter

Check the mountain snow just a day ago...HERE.
But you don't get to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway when it's got snow on it, so this is the first chance I got to go up there March 30, 2013.
Snow only in shaded areas at the foot of cliffs.
Snow is rapidly melting.

The Parkway was blockaded just after this turnoff, which is a lovely curvy ride to Weaverville.  Cars parked belong those who decided to get out and walk further up the Parkway, or maybe on some trails.
This was as far as I could drive this lovely Easter Saturday. Hopefully the Parkway will open further soon, going up to Craggy Gardens picnic area is always a fun spring treat.  Triliums are known to bloom there.  I love to try to catch them.


  1. Did you take the walk? Nice photos.

    1. No, I wanted to go bask in the sun further down from this elevation. I need to walk a few miles at 2600 feet before I try 3300 or so.

  2. We love to park at Cold Mountain overlook and walk the Parkway in winter. This week the Pisgah Inn opened, so the Parkway is open in that direction. Wonderful breakfast!

    1. Oh, I love the Pisgah Inn...never gotten there in time for breakfast, but lunch is a dream! I'll have to come south from A'ville soon on the Parkway. I saw someone with 2 goldens in Black Mountain the other day and thought it was maybe you!


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