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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A peak at spring

Imagine me sitting in my nice wicker chair, sipping something cold, reading my book, and wearing sunblock, a week ago when it was 70 degrees for 2 days in a row.  Now we've got 2 days in a row of freezing rain.  (At least it's not snow, like fellow blogger from Ithica, NY, Gary Rith has!)


  1. Lots of signs downtown, but few up here on the mountain. But spring is coming despite our chilly rain this week.

  2. Now that sounds lovely! It snowed here but still not as bad as some parts and the roads are clear. Thank you for the visit and for Gregg's birthday greetings. He really appreciates them and so do I :). Have a great day B, and I hope you can enjoy that pretty spot in your garden soon.

  3. Cold and bleak this morning but we are seeing intermittent sunshine this afternoon. Ready for warmer temps, for sure.

  4. Speaking of rain, it's raining here right now, and only 33 degrees.


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