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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coming into NC

OK, lots of reflectioins on this one, but it speaks of my joy at returning to my home state!

So when you get home from a trip, there are the photos to shuffle through, and decide which ones are worthy of posting on a blog.  I have thus given you a few of the last stages of my trip yesterday up to Big Stone Gap, VA.  I'll have the pictures of that end of the trip on another of my blogs, because after all, I can't very well let you see the beauty of western VA and eastern TN under the title of this blog, now can I?  But there are more NC pictures as well, so look again tomorrow, if you will.

These shots were taken coming down US 23/future I-26.

As my friend Helen said, it looked like you could just reach out and touch those clouds.


  1. Yes, I love the clouds in that photo!

  2. It's fun to take a trip but for some reason it is always nice to get back home. Lots of nice photos from your trip -- barbara

  3. I like those reflections on the first photo!


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