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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Town Square changes

The guys working on the Town Square in Black Mountain were out again with their machinery last week.  Before it got cold and snowed, they poured some concrete around the "water feature."  Lots of concrete.  I guess it makes sense with lots of foot traffic expected.  I'm just sorry that our nice green area is turning into pavement.  They covered everything with tarps of plastic for a few days...the concrete that is.


  1. It's going to be all paved - with no green grass? Wow!

    1. Up the hill past the fountain and pile of rocks will still be lawn. And part of the paving project is to place the bricks that cost $50 each and have your name or some inscription in them as fund raisers. They hadn't been put in concrete yet when these pictures were taken.

  2. I look forward to seeing the finished product.


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