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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pizza downtown Black Mountain

If you are walking among the stores in Black Mountain's downtown, this is the easiest Pizza place to find.

It may have a convoluted entrance (once you enter the door you walk down a long hall, then descend a set of stairs to the eating area)...but it's worth it.

And on a Sunday afternoon in Feb. it was actually warm enough to sit outside (mainly in the sunshine) to eat.

Of course there are great salads, but when I go to a pizza restaurant, I usually have some pizza!

And bring some home.  My friend and I had a selfie taken at the entrance, but she probably wouldn't talk to me again if I posted it here...though I think she looks better than my half face does.    It was fun.


  1. I like a "good" pizza. My husband doesn't care for it, but now and then he'll suffer through it for me.

  2. I'm with you. Eat at a seafood place you get seafood. At a pizza place you get pizza. I don't have pizza often but when I do I want a really good one from a really good pizza place.


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