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Monday, March 10, 2014

Public Works workers did it

Added to the Memorial Gardens at the entrance to Montreat, is a new sitting arrangement.  One stone is in honor of a Public Works Director. The blank stone across from it, and behind the two sitting benches says "In Memory of Those who have Served the Town of Montreat."  It is blank below that heading.

You might like to know that Montreat has more retired Presbyterian ministers than imaginable, as well as a Christian College.  And I guess that the people who have moved these huge flat stones into this arrangement must have been public works workers.  They get to make the town beautiful for all the people who visit and live there.  So to have a special spot for the people who have served it's public works says a lot for the town.  I'm impressed.


  1. Societies where public service workers are more honoured that financiers and millionaires are the kind of societies that I like.

  2. A lovely post B and I liked the last line on the stone, the memory of a good person is a blessing. How true!

  3. I'm impressed too - that's really nice!! I too, like the last line on the stone.

  4. Montreat is really something special.


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