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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grandmother Oak Part last

Ground crew was busy with all the fallen limbs...I won't take pictures of a chipper.  I had to listen to it going for 2 whole days.  There's a certain whine in its motor that sets my teeth on edge.

The view Wed. morning, and with the sun behind the cutter, it was a bit hard to take pics of his work.  Notice the garbage hasn't been picked up.  Beech St. is a one truck street, and the garbage truck has to back up it, 'cause there's no room to turn around at the top.  The chipper truck was blocking half the street, so I wondered if we'd get any garbage pick up...but after the chipper left, the great collection truck did arrive.  They don't get enough credit in my mind, for a job that's very important in our lives.  Just think what it would be like without garbage pick up.  But I digress...

He's looking down as a limb falls.  I tried without much luck to catch one as it fell.

Wish I had stayed out there to see the final top part go...but I did have other things to do.

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  1. Oh - they took it right down to the ground?? By the way, the birds you asked about in my post today are Tree Swallows. I forgot to put that on there, so I updated the post. Thank you.


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