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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Behind the Center for the Arts

A brick cross walk leads from the down-hill parking area.  Behind the bright Crepe Myrtle is the Swannanoa Valley History Museum, (right) and to it's' left is the Black Mountain Center for the Arts.

There is an upper level of parking,

with a steep slope that's landscaped between the two parking areas.

The path shows that the black Mountain Beautification Committee has been at work here.

Quote for the day:

If we open our hearts, we will also find open hearts - it is always mutual.
Abbot Leo von Rudloff,  A Benedictine Legacy of Peace; The Life of Abbot Leo A. Rudloff


  1. That crosswalk is such a great looking design. I know it is a common pattern and yet usually white isn't used between the bricks. It is nice there are groups that are out there making sure flowers are being grown.

  2. Nice plantings! I, too, am impressed by the brickwork.

  3. Barbara -- Parking lots by themselves are ugly I think -- but when they are surrounding by beautiful plantings such as those in your photos the ugliness seems to disappear in those plantings. -- barbara


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