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Thursday, August 28, 2014

More on Old Salem, NC

Strolling up the first hill brought us to the St. Phillips Church, and the African Moravian exhibit in this log cabin.

I notice more and more my photos have blurred.  Must be my eyes.

We watched part of a PBS movie about the War of 1812 inside...

We were rushed and didn't get to have the tour of the church this trip...something on the list for next visit.

Some graves in front of the church were found when a new addition was being added.  Graves are of free or slave African Americans, as well as "strangers" meaning non-Moravian Christians.  The African American Moravians had been buried with the other Moravians up till the time the state of North Carolina told them they could no longer do that.  Then the African Americans got their graves alongside Strangers.

Seems the North Carolina officials looked the other way as far as the integrated graves of Strangers.

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  1. Nice post, B., and that's interesting about the graves.


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