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Friday, August 15, 2014

Who was Queen Anne?

It's nice to see this lovely wild flower as well as garden varieties this time of year.

But who, may you ask, was Queen Anne to have it named in her honor?  Did she really have beautiful lace?

I haven't a clue.

Here's a bit of thought that might be more soothing.

We can choose to start over in this very moment, there is no need to wait for a new year or a new month or a new week.


  1. I bet someone out there is looking it up on the internet.

  2. Well, not a lot of answers forthcoming, so I chased this down on Wikipedia..."Both Anne, Queen of Great Britain, and her great grandmother Anne of Denmark are taken to be the Queen Anne for which the plant is named.[8] It is so called because the flower resembles lace; the red flower in the center is thought to represent a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when she was making the lace. The function of the tiny red flower, coloured by anthocyanin, is to attract insects.

  3. I knew about Queen Anne of England (Blackbeard had a ship called Queen Anne's Revenge) but I didn't know about the red flower -- accounting for all the insects that usually cover the flower. Cool!


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