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Sunday, August 31, 2014

We trod in Washington's footsteps

Well, lots of people have already...walked where he trod.  And he sure did sleep somewhere on his many travels, so those "Washington slept here" signs aren't all baloney.

We did visit the museum of the Tavern in Old Salem, NC, where Washington not only slept, but walked the same floor boards, as our charming Moravian Colonial guide told us.  She didn't know exactly which room he slept in, but there's only one single room (not a shared bed) on the ground floor.

We enjoyed a talented group of young women playing music on the back porch of the Tavern Restaurant.  

We then ate lunch with a dear friend of mine at the Tavern Restaurant.  Yummy.

See below for pictures of the museum rooms, set up as they were in Washington's visit in 1891...including the letter he wrote to the fathers of Old Salem in appreication of their hospitality.

Washington's route touring the south in 1891

Copy of Washington's letter "To the United Bretheren of Wachovia"

In his Diary he speaks of his visit in Old Salem (it was just Salem at that time).
Here's the link to the ebook page of this diary...I found it interesting in that this letter is quoted in footnotes, as well as the Moravian's address in welcoming Washington.
The Diary of George Washington from 1789-1791

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