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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photos and computers and ants

This is where I walk, most days.  It's pretty darn hot in the sun today, so I walked back and forth by the lake in the shade.

Then when I tried to download this photo (and a few others) from my iPhone to my computer I got an error message,
so I tried about 5 more times.

All the while going out the front door to see the end of the house's new paint job.  Yay.  Now there won't be sudden surprises of a ladder outside one of my windows with a painter upon it.

So I tried a "talk on line with an expert."  The conversation ended at the time he said, "we can probabaly fix that.  Sing up for the premium service package."

I got the typo part, but wasn't interested in a premium package..anything!

So I returned to the "help desk" and asked for a phone call from Microsoft.  44 minutes later we'd reinstalled the driver for photos, and the error message was gone, and I could download my photos.  But I still became stuck on a black screen.

I've been living with the black screen of death for over a month, since installing version 8.1 upgrade.  And I guess a three quarters of an hour wasn't that awful for not expecting it to happen, not knowing why it happened, and of course grovelingly grateful that it's not worse.  At this point...

Now I can work with Apple and see if their driver is causing some difficulties with the Microsoft software.

Isn't it funny that there's a screen when you're supposedly email talking with a customer service rep, and this screen is supposed to be invisible to the CSR, saying please give feedback about the CSR performance...and the screen goes into a loop where you can't give feedback, it says your session is timed out (though you're still talking with him) and please sign in again.  And then, give feedback, your session is timed out...etc.

And these are the people who supposedly design these systems.  Nice to know, huh?

OK, calm down now Barb.  It's time for your meds.  I don't have any meds.  But I sure do need them.  Ah, a glass of something will help.

I am not going to call Apple yet.  I do enjoy talking to their CSR's though.  But I think I'll go live a little bit of reality, no longer attached to anything electronic.

BAM.  That's me dealing with intruder on the desk, namely 6 legs with pursuit of food on it's ant.  It's about the 5th one.  Problem to be dealt with.  Call Super Barbara!


  1. Computers give us equal amounts of pleasure and grief. Good luck.

  2. Yes, good luck with the whole computer thing. They can be pretty frustrating at times.

  3. I had problems with my iPhone after I downloaded an update. It was so bad they sent me a new phone eventually. They were very good about it so we thought they must have had a lot of complaints about that particular download. Good luck with those ants. We have had problems with them in the past, had a few of them inside but fortunately none all summer.

  4. Frustrating! Like much of life. . .


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