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Monday, August 25, 2014

Old Salem, NC

A day trip for my birthday.  So I'll share it with you, even though it's technically a bit further east than Black Mountain!

A covered-bridge replica takes pedestrians from the Information Center (where tickets are purchased) to the open village.

The village streets are open to traffic, and we were surprised to see free and open parking on the streets, as we hiked all over in the heat.  Next time we'll check out that option first.  And yes, it's worth thinking of next time!
the great hot sun gave us a free sauna as we walked mainly uphill.  I don't know why we never felt like we were going down hill.  My friend Tim helped with driving, and was patient with my interests.

We were surprised to see many private homes along the whole area.  Since it's a village started and maintained by Moravians, I imagine most residents are also Moravians.

Tomorrow, more on the African Moravian  Church...


  1. The covered bridge replica looks like a marvelous thing to see. I hope you had a good birthday. It looked like an interesting place to visit.


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