When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lithia Springs, Florida

This is a wonderful spot to visit, but when I arrived the day after Thanksgiving this year, I was amazed to see the spring area completely under water.  No beach below the fence...which had plenty of room for sunbathers several years ago when I visited.  But who's that standing in the shadow of that palm?

Mr. Crane was doing a fine jub of preening next to a garish traffic cone...which kind of ruins the "nature shot" I was going for.

I think the Alafia River was in flood, because a road that runs near it in Riverview also was closed.  It must have been from rain upstream that happened earlier in the week when the cold front came through the area.

The normal view is like this...

More photos of Little Fishhawk Creek and the park at Lithia Springs will be coming soon!

Quote for today:

Your body is not your enemy, treat it with the care and support your mind, body and spirit deserve.


  1. A real pretty area and you did well spotting the heron.

  2. Oh, wow! When I was growing up in Tampa my family occasionally picnicked at Lithia Springs -- in the early Fifties it was not developed and we might be the only ones there.

    1. Vicki, I remember going there (70s or 80s) when there were no fences around it, and walking along the river seeing manatees swimming in the "relatively" warm 72 degree water. The last time I saw swimmers there, maybe in 2005, they were mostly African Americans.


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