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Friday, July 18, 2014

Craft Show

This exhibit of all kinds of crafts is indoors and continues till Sun. afternoon.  It's at The Celular One Center (used to be called the Civic Center, which anyone will call it when you ask for directions).

Steve Lloyd made the pot on the program cover, and his wife Becky decorated it with scraffito.  Steve died suddenly this year.  His work is not exhibited in the show, unfortunately.

I saw some interesting crafts, and won't give any pictures.  HA, you say, what happened to Barb's camera or iPhone?  I just decided to talk to the crafs-people, and admire their handiwork...and not capture any of their inspirations other than in my heart.

I do have some strange sites to share that were outside the exhibition hall however.

An amazing old and well restored Cadillac Seville was parked in the garage a couple of cars down from mine.

 Looking northeast from the parking garage, you can see those rain clouds.

Due east, then southeast next...

Quote for today:

When the bridge is gone, the narrowest plank becomes precious.
Hungarian Proverb

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