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Thursday, July 10, 2014

White Crepe Myrtle and...

 Whenever you turn onto Beech St. in Black Mountain, you are greeted by my huge prolific white Crepe Myrtle, gone a bit amok. 

It is lovely, and with every rain, floods of tiny white blossoms float upon the water and pile up wherever it pauses.

Fortunately nobody has to park under the shade of this bush gone crazy.  And it's pretty too.

Across the street the siding is going on the renovated house.

The yellow colored stuff is a board and batten style, with vertical seams.  All the windows are installed, and electrical people have been over there.  I wonder if plumbing is in.  Time for another visit in the evening when contractors have gone home...soon I won't be able to prowl around because the doors will be installed.  It's been fun watching the progress, which has been slow and steady.


  1. I didn't know myrtle was ever white. Lovely

    1. It is, but I kind of wish it were the traditional pink/purple color. Oh well. Thanks for your comment!


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