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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Old Windows

Lovely old windows- leaning up against the garage wall, where they were dumped.

Some left over boards and a wall of wood paneling, which was an addition to the house probably in the 50s or before. 
Here are the old walls of the house, from inside, with the new windows installed.  Not opened however...left closed all the time the construction guys are putting  up exterior siding.
Last week the insulation people blew stuff into walls.  This week a huge truck load of drywall unloaded.  I don't think these views will ever be seen again of these windows.
A front room window shows the original diagonal wall framing under it, as well as light coming through, which has all been sealed up now.

This post is my offering to Sepia Saturday this week...
don't you see the connection?


  1. Looks like an extensive remodel. Are you saving the old windows? I've seen them used around here in garden
    installations or even hung on the walls of remodeled houses as art. Anyway, good luck going forward.

  2. When I had new windows installed, my sister and a neighbor took many of the old windows. They are planning to build a green house for their gardens.

  3. So much personality in the older windows but modern windows are easier to clean!

  4. There is something so attractive about photographs taken with light coming through windows - the photograph of the left over boards illustrates this perfectly.

  5. I do like old windows, but then, my house is over 100 years old, and new ones just would not suit its style.

  6. We had collected a pile of old windows to build a cold frame when we lived in Mississippi. Unfortunately the goats got into the space and danced on them, breaking them all to bits. The goats were not cut.

  7. I always like seeing photos of windows! Especially catching reflections in them too!

  8. I, too, have seen old windows used as decorations in gardens. My favorite was a three-quarters enclosed porch using old windows. Really pretty.

  9. Yes the windows attracted my attention in this photo too but I didn't do anything about it. Love windows and the views from them.

  10. Nicely caught in the light. Make sure we see the finished effect too.


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