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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Montreat trails

What a kinky display, it doesn't say "you are here."

But I figured out I was standing just below the blue trail on the lower left.
To get to this display, drive north from Black Mountain on NC 9 toward Montreat.  Take the first right after you go under the stone archway.  Park free there!

 Though it isn't the first trail described, and you are reading the display standing right next to isn't even either of the blue trails described in the first column below the map.  (???)

Nor is it the blue trail described in the next column.  So here you stand, not on the map, and no clue where to start using it.  Good reference!

There, at the bottom, it says its a blue blazed interpretive trail (nope, it has no interpretations on this trail)...but it says it START HERE, crosses Flat Creek and meanders into Montreat Nature Center.
Actually it arrives at a park.  You could call it a nature center if you want.
Just do not hold your breath waiting for anything to be interpreted, including the switchback that is questionably part of the trail. 
However, the first part of the trail (maybe 1/4 mile) along the creek is nicely graveled and has native plants added for a garden effect.
I'm guessing someone organized those college kids who wanted to do a community project.  It's very nice.

If you want to get a copy of the real map, and plan to hike the real trails (that go through woods up and down mountains) I don't know where maps are.  Not at the Chamber of Commerce in Black Mountain.  Probably at the hiking store, or at least they can tell you where to go.

Happy trails everyone!


  1. Great hike, and a nice description of this trail, also great photos B. Enjoyed your post, thank you :)

  2. Maybe someone can drop a hint in the suggestion box at the nature center that the map needs updated. It looks like a lovely trail to hike. Great touch to put native plants near the beginning of the trail. I love to be out in nature -- so good for the soul. -- barbara


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