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Friday, July 4, 2014

Tailgators of Black Mountain - MudBuddies

You are probably aware of our co-op of 5 potters, The Mud Buddies, who are linked by the Black Mountain Center for the Arts Clay Studio...where we either work, took classes, taught classes, or just hang around.

Checking out pottery means picking it up and seeing what the bottom looks like.  This lady is looking at a piece by Cathy Babula.

 In the foreground and below are pieces by Marsha Cozart.

The conversation in the middle includes gestures by Pat to our goat milk soap vendor, Jane.  On far right in hot pink, Better Potter Jones discusses her raku piece with our friend from the pottery studio, Bonnie. 
 More of Bette's raku pieces.

Pat's work on the left of this table, and mine on the right.

Look for our red tent as you walk into the sale area.  We'll be looking for you!
Every Saturday 9-12.  Just behind the First Baptist Church at the junction of 1st St. and Montreat Rd in Black Mountain, NC.

PS, I'm bringing new pottery out this week!  And a few sale priced pieces that need to go to their forever homes!


  1. I love that name, the Mud Buddies! Yes your pottery looks lovely and I enjoyed all the photos. Happy 4th of July B.


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