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Saturday, July 26, 2014

To market...

Peek of the season, great vegies.  Great day.
See ya!

Check the Black Mountain Tailgate Market, behind 1st Baptist Church in the park under the Montreat Rd and 1st. St.  Can't miss it cause that's where EVERYBODY will be this morning.


  1. I must comment. A beautiful day, and I sold not one piece...and I took all these new ones to add to the ones that were there before. Lots of people out. Buying lots of food. Some of our Mudbuddies did well. I'm disappointed tonight. So I made another wall piece and have one to work on tomorrow.

  2. Love the tree with spiderwebs and especiallv love the dragonfly piece, So sorry about the disappointment -- I've been there -- sitting like a bowerbird with my books spread out before me and people walking by, not interested.

    1. Thanks for reminding me that any of us can become bowerbirds at times...which isn't so bad. I was a bit amazed it has even happened to you, Vicki! It makes me feel more accepting.


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