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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday in Black Mountain

Now what shall we do? 

Early morning we should hit the Tailgate Market (it's only open 9-12) and pick up fresh produce, fish, trinkets to give friends or keep, soaps, plants, yarns, coffee, baked goods, pies, cheese, meats...and of course Mud Buddies Pottery.  We've got new items out this week waiting to go to their forever homes.  Of course if it's raining hard, we may choose to stay home too.

By noon go to one of those wonderful small restaurants in town.  Now where to hike?

The Blueridge Parkway has lots of trails, (but you need to know where they are before hand) and there are some great ones right in Montreat.  Or if you are like me and prefer a walk that's more of a stroll on mostly level ground, ask about walking along the Swannanoa River...someone will know how to get to that trail.  A very short and easy trail is along Flat Creek in Montreat, just inside the stone gates, park in the first lot on your right as you go up into town.  It's also a trail head for several other trails...look on the sign for proper markers to follow. 

An hours drive from Black Mountain takes you to Mt. Mitchell, Spruce Pine, Bakersville, Brevard, Hendersonville etc.  Less than that and you can get to Asheville (20 min.) and Marion and Hickory.

But there are also lots of great little shops here in Black Mountain, as well as a couple of taverns where you might enjoy a cool local brew.  If you're with kiddies, there's the favorite ice cream shop, right across from the knitting store...just saying, every thing for a family!

OK, I'm in love with living here...can't you tell?  I want to share it with lots of people, but only if you're like me, supportive of local business, recycle, have green consciousness and won't litter on a trail, and of course use hand made pottery.

I'm reestablishing my "Quote of the Day" here.  It seemed of interest to a few people.

Travel ennobles the spirit and does away with our prejudices.  Oscar Wilde


  1. Yep, it's constantly raining still, since all day yesterday. So though the Tailgate Market is open and has lovely things to eat, no pottery today. Sorry, please come back next week if you can.

  2. To start -- I love your new header. Next -- I wish I could visit your part of the country but since I don't fly anymore -- driving becomes a horror with all the semi-trucks plowing down the highways. If I were to come I would practice all the good measures you mention as I do the same wherever I live. But -- I will keep enjoying your neck of the woods even if it is only through your nice posts.

  3. Thanks Barbara...I'll happily share this neck of the woods, if you keep looking around yours and sharing the rustic beauties that you seem to be able to capture. The only thing I changed today was the background color scheme. I found when I looked on an iPhone at blogs, the darker backgrounds were hard to see because of glare, especially outside. So I'm deferring to the needs of technology and using black type face on lighter grounds.


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