When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Friday, November 23, 2018

Almost there...

Travels, which I did early in the holiday week.  I was hoping to avoid some of the traffic which would be shuttling all of us from one place to another to be together with friends and family for Thanksgiving.

 Then there was this big blue bridge, and another river to cross!

Coming into Ohio State.

I loved seeing West Virginia...and then crossing the bridge over the Ohio River.  I never turned on the radio, or even listened to the CD's of a book a friend gave me to keep myself entertained.

The route that was recommended (via the Map app on my phone) didn't even follow an interstate into Ohio...and Hwy 33 wasn't too crowded so it was pretty easy to follow, even when it was 2 lanes at times.  Since I may have been the slowest car on the road, a lot of times I felt bad that I was only going 5 miles over the posted speed limit.

And  then...
 I was so grateful that my phone app was telling me where to turn once I got onto the interstate highways around Columbus.  I'd have been in a real panic if I'd tried to keep going without that assistance.

And then I was happy in my son's home with his family, and we celebrated what we're grateful for.


  1. Helo,

    That is a long road trip. I try not to go more than 5 miles over the speed limit. I usually have people flying by me. I hope you and your family had a very happy Thanksgiving. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend.

  2. I do the same thing. Men in pickup trucks seem the most impatient.

  3. A pleasant route to follow. I do like that bridge.


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