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When I Was 69
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Friday, November 16, 2018

Bookstore visit (again)

Is it just me, reaching a certain age? Or a certain income? Or a certain level of loving to read a real book almost an hour a day?

I LOVE used bookstores.  I also love libraries with real books.
And I even sometimes will visit the places where new books are sold, an oasis of thoughts piled on shelves with bright colorful spines.

I admit to reading digital library books for the ease and comfort.  But there is only so much available that way.  Fortunately the older books are still there, and they are so good.

But if I have a trip planned and I know there's at least one good used bookstore there, it's included in my wanderings.

This last week, it was Sylva, NC, and the City Lights Book Store (new and used)...which has a lovely cafe' downstairs where we had delicious salads and sandwiches.  And as we left Sylva, we once again saw other used bookstores that we haven't tried yet.  One of these days...

 I seldom use a paper calendar, but have a lovely copy of the WeMoon book style one (the one with the goddess and fire in a circle right in the middle)   I have several friends who contribute to it, so it's very special for me.  These are of course new!

Where to start in such a well organized store. I hadn't thought about it before I got there! I walked the aisles until I realized what I really felt like looking for.  And giving the area a sniff test is always what my allergic person does, and was so grateful not to have the usual dusty moldy scent of many used bookstores.

 The new books included a children's book about "She Persisted." Kuddos for teaching children what women's rights are all about!

The bathrooms are titled "Toilet" and have no gender designation...and lots of fun posters on all the walls.  This was my favorite.

Today's Quote:
In doing service for others, we often find answers to our own questions and solutions to our own problems.


  1. Hello,

    I love the bookstores, they just feel welcoming. I admit to reading more books from my online library. I have trouble holding heavy books in my hands. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. I vastly prefer the feel of a proper book in my hands as opposed to reading a digital version. And I love going into book shops.

  3. I love browsing through bookstores like this.


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