When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

On the lookout platform at Mt. Mitchell

 On a clear day (which we had) you can see for miles.

 Those are the feldspar mines in Spruce Pine, NC., the strip mining that shows this far away. (Above and below)

Lest we bemoan the mines as environmentally toxic, remember that we support their very being, because the silicon that comes from them is the finest for use in technological devices like phones and computers...which I'm using right now.

 The last 100 feet (I guess) up the ramp to the lookout platform.

 When 20 or so people are milling around, taking turns taking photos at various parts, it's a fluid experience.


  1. Hello, the views are beautiful. They would probably be even better if the mining was not in sight. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.


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