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When I Was 69
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rain clouds again

Well, that would be really boring, pictures of rain clouds.  So I had to drive as far as I felt like taking pictures the other day, to the Visitors Center at Craggy Gardents on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  There wasn't much point in going any further as the weather rolled in.

This visitor's center is nestled alongside the road, with Craggy Gardens (the name of this peak) above.  And if you look closely you can see the hikers standing on the rocks where clouds are rolling along.  No of course you can't see them.  Let's try a bit of cropping and enlarging.

Ok, try again...


So you walk into the very small Visitors Center, and are struck by the moldy odor.  The door is kept wide open, but windows that have clouds pushing at them are closed.  The woodburning stove in the corner isn't lit today.  And the little building has been closed for a month with the road construction.  I comment upon this to the National Park employee, who says, no it always smells like this, it's so damp up here.

I wander around looking at interesting displays.  Do I need a new bumper sticker? 

The bear is already there, a souvenir from Mt. Mitchell.  I won't be going that far today...clouds don't make for good vistas.

Hikers have disappeared, even the top of Craggy Gardens is swaddled in clouds.


  1. The fog can definitely mess up you views. On the other hand, sometimes you drive above it and see it settled in the valleys. So lovely.

  2. That's quite a drive - and fairly high up in the clouds! I finally saw the hikes as you cropped in closer and closer.


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