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I've combined my blogs, just look at the last post, over at Alchemy of Clay. Trying to have a life outside blogland. Not sure it's going to work....

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I not only got a kick out of this bumper sticker, but there is the phone camera reflected, with my hands as well, in the chrome on the bumper.

I'll have to send this in to Weekend Reflections...I haven't participated in a while.  Come on over and see what everyone else is up to!


  1. Ha! Love it. Nice catch and reflection!

  2. Beautiful sunny day...great shots...

  3. Great composition ! I like how this band of chrome is stocked between the sticker and the plate : it almost look like a photocomposition... Great selfportrait, too... Very mysterious, with this book on the arm... :D


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