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When I Was 69
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sometimes it just dies

In 2 days my little avocado just died ...completely full of water, then dried it out in case it was the dread damp.  Still dead however.  Poor thing.

All my potted plants shared the wilt from too much rain...though they have now been getting good sunshine.  I don't know if this Chrysanthemum will survive.  Maybe.

I will have to get another to replace it, because I love those purple blooms in the fall to contrast with the reds and golds and browns.

Question to gardeners...can I use the same dirt, or do I need to replace it because of the moisture rotting the older plant?

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  1. We lost a few potted plants that we in non-draining containers. I don't know about reusing the soil.. I have done it but it may not be the wisest thing.


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