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When I Was 69
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Saturday, October 6, 2018

An unnamed mountain still there!

 Drat, a flash of sunshine blasted my attempt at photographing this plaque.

Sorry it's in 3 pieces, but that sunshine made the camera's aperture keep going dark so you couldn't read it at all! This plaque (or one similar) used to be by Lake Tomahawk where you can look up and see this view.  I think it was vandalized.  So now this one is in the Swannanoa Valley History Museum.

What do you think that unnamed mountain should be named?  I've got some interesting ideas...


  1. In the English Lake District there's a tarn (small mountain lake) which is a cartographer's joke: it goes by the name of Innominate Tarn.
    In answer to your question about Comments, I think they show when you click on the individual posts but not if you go to your blog's home page. If you click on "An Unnamed Mountain Is Still There", the title of your piece, then the comments show. I hope that I understand your query aright.

    1. By George (or John) you are so right, John. I thought it was everyone else's blogs had comments showing, and mine didn't. Ha. What a joke on me. Just click on the individual posts and there they are.


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